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Hey, that is me on the image at your left (or top in case you are viewing this on a handheld). I am Sid, a Computer Professional who has been a Trainer, Software Developer, Team Lead and a Consultant for different organizations since 1994. I started off with Website Development in 2007 and has since then I have been been associated with multiple organizations lending support as a Website Developer and Consultant. Today I work as a Website Planner, Consultant and Trainer. Thank you for being on my website. And hey, in case you need to know more about me, why not click the Know More button right after this text!

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  • Well Experienced

  • Mostly Self Taught

  • Researching and Learning is my Hobby

  • On Time Delivery

  • Good Listener and Proactive

MySQL and Databases

I Prefer to Work With some of the Best in the Industry

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