Sid is a Computer Professional who has spent much of his professional life as a Computer Trainer, Software Developer and Website Developer. Today, Sid works as a Computer Instructor and a Website Consultant and Planner.

Sid started off his professional career as a computer instructor in 1994 at one of the reputed Computer Training Institutes in the City of Bhubaneswar. He has trained hundreds of students, professionals during his career.

In 2007 Sid, was introduced to the World of Internet Marketing. He gained good knowledge of the Social Marketing tools as most of them were evolving back then. He eventually migrated to Website Development and became associated with Website Planning and Consultancy. He worked for several local Website Development Organizations and gained ample of experience.

In 2015, Sid started his own work as a Freelance Website Planner and Consultant and helped many local businesses start getting online.

Sid loves to research and study on the Internet. This is the reason he has always been a valuable asset when it comes to Website Planning. His vast experience and his foresight often comes in handy when he provides Website Consultancy.