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It is a fact that 99% of websites fail because they were not planned. Planning is the process of choosing among competing opportunities so that you can set overall goals for a web. As an expert website planning services provider,  I have the skills and resources needed for developing, constructing, deploying, and operating the website.

My vast experience in handling different phases of Websites has definitely given me an edge over many others when it comes to Website Planning.

Here is how my expert Website Planning Services can help you

  • Identify the purpose of your website

  • List of providers and places to find them

  • Identify the target audience for your website

  • Provide you with an Online Marketing Strategy – to bring in more visitors and increase chances of your business

  • Help you develop your website within your budgets and constraints


Will the amount I paid you be refunded if I do not accept or agree with your plan?2020-07-11T20:15:21+00:00

No. Sorry, I cannot issue you a refund. The reason is that I have already spent hours working on your Website Plan. I have also disclosed the different options that you might look into and consider. As such, I think you too would agree that a refund is not a viable option. Also, the prices quoted are quite reasonable and very likely, you will not find another planner with such affordable rates.

What if I do not agree with your plan?2020-07-11T19:40:34+00:00

I understand you. If you do not agree with my plan for your website, no issues. As it is simply a service, you might not opt for it. However, I would request you not to disclose the plan documentation I send you to others.

How do you decide for me?2020-07-11T19:39:06+00:00

I decide or develop my plan for you after discussions with you about your website requirements, business requirements and your constraints. All of these are done via online chats (skype or others), emails, online documentation (a couple of forms that you need to fill out) and your confirmation of the Service Need (agreement of consent and confidentiality).

What will the Website Plan contain?2020-07-11T19:38:18+00:00

The sections of the report will differ when you compare the one needed for a website that is yet to be launched and a website that is already live. Broadly, the report will contain a lot of information that would help you in getting your website done (and hosted). In case your website is ready, and you would need, I can also send you a Marketing plan as well.

Note: Normally, marketing plan is not included for websites that are yet to start and similarly, the basic ground work for a website if not included for websites that are already live (unless there is a need or we are doing something called as re-design).

I have a website already, do I still need Website Planning?2020-07-11T19:34:13+00:00

It depends on how the website has been online. What are the issues and would it need to be redone. My suggestion would be that you get in touch with me  here and let me analyze the website for you. Most probably, you might need a marketing plan.

Let’s get started and Drive Results for Your Online Business!!

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